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The Community of Faeids


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Faeids. Faeids are Humans, Faeries, or Faerie/Human Breeds or those communicated with by Faeries for the purpose of bridging the gap that has developed between humans and Faeries long ago. As the mists separate our realms of understanding, belief, and physical contact; the only means to travel between the worlds today are "gateways" that either sporadically appear on the planet, exist within magical grids/leylines/or places, or created through magic and ritual. Faeids are those who walk between the realms or have had invitation or faery luring to do so.

The term Faeid, was put together by Anthropologist Tom Baurley in 1986 while working on his degree and studying the Neo-pagan movement in North America. The term "Fae" or "fay" or "Faerie" come from the French replacing the Old English "elf" during the Tudor period. Spenser and Shakespeare popularized the change. According to Brian Froud, the terms "Elfland", "Faerieland", "Elf", and "Faerie" were and still are interchangeable words for Faerie. Numerous spellings for the fae range from fae, fairy, fayerye, fairye, fayre, faerie, faery, and often represent the world of Faerie, as a noun, as a geographical location, and for its inhabitants, as well as an adjective describing faerie culture. Tom took this term, and combined it with the greek work "id" meaning "to know". Therefore, Faeid translates to "Faery knower" or "Faery communicator". Faeidism or Faeidry are the rites, rituals, practices, and knowledge of the "faeids" who live a lifestyle or path in life that seeks constant connection with Faeries.

Faeids usually wear the Elven or Faery Star as their symbol. This symbol, given to humanity as a symbol for Faeids to recognize each other by the Fae is ever growing in popularity in the new age, Neopagan, and folk communities. The more you see of these will be signs in the times to come as the understanding of Faeries and their world. The bridge between the realms are being built.

The Faeid Fellowship is an organization for Faeids. It was started in 2000 by Leaf McGowan for the betterment and understanding of the realm of Faery.